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Les Baer Custom Ar-15 Bolt/Carrier Group

Buy Les Baer Custom Ar-15 Bolt/Carrier Group

We found a great deal on the Les Baer Custom Ar-15 Bolt/Carrier Group for only $49.99 at Brownells.

Complete, .223/5.56mm AR-15 bolt and carrier assembly comes with all the parts, fully assembled, and ready to go. Drop it in your AR, check headspace, and you’re ready to shoot. Precision-machined in Les Baer’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility from durable, high-grade 8620 nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel billet. Mil-spec dimensions ensure proper fit and function in a wide variety of OEM and aftermarket upper receivers. All components, including bolt and gas key, have a uniform matte black Parkerized finish for extra strength and corrosion resistance. Interiors of the carrier and carrier key are hard-chromed for additional durability and to aid in clockwork reliab Mfg: Les Baer Custom SPECS: 8620 carbon steel, Parkerized, matte black finish. Fits mil-spec AR-15 upper receiver. Carrier does not have provision for auto sear trip.

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Dpms Ar-15/308 Ar Bullet Button Lower Parts Kit

Buy Dpms Ar-15/308 Ar Bullet Button Lower Parts Kit

We found a great deal on the Dpms Ar-15/308 Ar Bullet Button Lower Parts Kit for only $94.99 at Brownells.

FEATURES: Lower parts kits with California compliant bullet button magazine release Available for AR-15 or DPMS pattern 308 rifles Parts kit includes pistol grip, trigger, hammer, disconnector, selector, bolt catch spring, detent spring, bolt catch buffer, take down detent, bolt catch, bullet button kit, bolt catch roll pin, magazine catch, front pivot pin, hammer spring, trigger spring, pistol grip screw, pistol grip washer, selector spring, selector detent, hammer, trigger pin, take down pin, buffer retainer, buffer retainer spring, disconnector spring, trigger guard, and trigger guard roll pin. NOTE: The .308 Bullet Button Lower Parts Kit (231-000-316) does NOT incl Mfg: Dpms

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Vltor Weapon Systems M14/M1a Socom Emod Stock

Buy Vltor Weapon Systems M14/M1a Socom Emod Stock

We found a great deal on the Vltor Weapon Systems M14/M1a Socom Emod Stock for only $515 at Brownells.

Easy-to-install, replacement stock upgrades your semi-auto M14/M1A with the features and handling qualities of a 21st century tactical rifle. Consists of a modified USGI fiberglass stock fitted with a machined aluminum adapter supporting an AR-15-style receiver extension for the collapsible “clubfoot” buttstock of tough, molded polymer. Five locking positions on the extension provide a length of pull adjustment from 10 1/2″ to 14″, and a 1″ range of vertical adjustment helps you set the correct stock height for a solid cheekweld. Two, detachable, full-length storage compartments provide additional cheek support; each waterproof compartment holds up to 3 AA or 4 Mfg: Vltor Weapon Systems SPECS: Forward Stock – Textured fiberglass, matte black or tan. Receiver Adapter/Extension – Aluminum, hardcoat anodized, matte black. Buttstock & Pistol Grip – Molded polymer, black or tan. Fits semi-auto M14/M1A only; no clearance for selector switch.

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Brownells Alignment & Push Punches

Buy Brownells Alignment & Push Punches

We found a great deal on the Brownells Alignment & Push Punches for only $8.99 at Brownells.

For the professional and home gunsmith alike these punches take much of the frustration out of aligning parts and assemblies. And they provide faster and easier disassembly, too. Furnished with a large, easy-to-grasp, handle that gives excellent control for aligning holes and starting pins. Slightly undersized shank provides a close fit that won’t bind in the hole. A slight taper, 3/4″ from the end is especially useful when fitting parts that require repeated assembly and disassembly. Four sizes fit the majority of pins found on the AR-15, 1911 Auto, Remington 870 and Ruger Revolvers. Won’t roll off bench. Alignment/Push Punch Set includes one each of the punches liste Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Handle – Plastic. Shank – Unhardened steel drill rod, or 360 alloy brass . 3 1/4″ (8.2cm) long. OAL – 4 3/4″ (12.1cm) long. Alignment/Push Punch Set – Contains (4) brass and (4) steel punches, (1) brass and (1) steel of each diameter: .092″ (2.3mm), .120″ (3mm)

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Brownells Ar-15/M16/308-Ar Barrel Extension Torque Tools

Buy Brownells Ar-15/M16/308-Ar Barrel Extension Torque Tools

We found a great deal on the Brownells Ar-15/M16/308-Ar Barrel Extension Torque Tools for only $39.99 at Brownells.

Handy tool aids in applying straight-line torque for fast, easy installation of the barrel nut without scratching the exterior of the upper receiver. Helps ensure the right amount of torque is evenly applied, while maintaining proper alignment of the barrel, upper receiver, and gas tube ports. Use with any barrel nut wrench or free-float tube wrench and a torque wrench with a 1/2″ square drive. Simply clamp the barrel nut wrench handle firmly in a bench vise, insert the barrel into the upper receiver, and finger tighten the barrel nut. Slide the barrel through the wrench, insert the Torque Tool in the back of the receiver until the teeth lock into the locking lugs in the barrel Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Machined steel, black oxide finish. 9″ (22.9cm) long, 1″ (2.5cm) diameter. Fits barrel extensions of AR-15/M16/M4 and clones chambered in .223/5.56mm only. Requires a 1/2″ square drive torque wrench. Instructions included. 308 AR version fits DPMS pattern 308 uppers

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Lipski Competition Barrel Band

Buy Lipski Competition Barrel Band

We found a great deal on the Lipski Competition Barrel Band for only $119.95 at Brownells.

No gunsmithing required to attach this height-adjustable, machined steel base to AR-15 and other heavy-barrel, match rifles. Just clamp on the muzzle and adjust the riser block to the correct height for your rear sight. Base accepts Redfield and other similar target globe assemblies. Mfg: Lipski SPECS: Steel, black, matte finish. Base – 1″ (2.5cm) long. Fits .812″ (20mm), .750″ (19mm), .732″ (18.6mm) (Colt factory Flattop competition) 1.25″ (3.2cm) height from center of barrel to top of base. Riser adjusts 1″ (2.5cm) for height.

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Wmd Guns Ar-15/M16 Bolt Carrier Groups

Buy Wmd Guns Ar-15/M16 Bolt Carrier Groups

We found a great deal on the Wmd Guns Ar-15/M16 Bolt Carrier Groups for only $240 at Brownells.

Each WMD bolt-and-carrier set is precisely machined from high-grade steel alloy to government M16 specs, then given WMD’s proprietary NiB-X nickel boron coating that results in a super-smooth, harder-than-chrome surface. NiB-X reduces friction to the bare minimum and is impervious to corrosion and abrasion. The slick finish also keeps carbon from adhering, so clean up is much faster and easier than with standard parts. Ideal choice for 3-gun competitor sand other high-volume shooters. Available with a matching NiB-X coated hammer for the smoothest cycling. Also available as an AR15 or M16 Bolt Carrier Group. Mfg: Wmd Guns SPECS: Carrier – 8620 carbon steel. Bolt – Carpenter 158 steel alloy. Both have Nickel boron finish, silver. Extractor includes black buffer, black O-ring, and spring. Fits mil-spec AR-15/M16 upper receiver. AR15 or M16 carrier available.

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Nikon P-223 Riflescopes

Buy Nikon P-223 Riflescopes

We found a great deal on the Nikon P-223 Riflescopes for only $149.95 at Brownells.

Nikon’s P-223 Riflescope line is specifically designed to provide AR-15 shooters with impressive optics at irresistible prices. A more basic version of Nikon’s popular M-223 line, the P-223 is an excellent choice for a shooter who doesn’t need all of the M-223’s high-end features. P-223 scopes are factory calibrated for the ballistic performance of 5.56mm NATO, 55-grain polymer-tipped bullets with muzzle velocities of 3,240 fps. However, Nikon’s Spot-On technology assists you with sighting alternative cartridges. The multicoated optics deliver an impressive 98% light transmission – superb for low-light shooting. Zero-Reset tactical-style turrets allow f Mfg: Nikon SPECS: BDC Carbine – Matte finish, 3x32mm, 100 MOA Max Internal with 1/2″ click value, 3.4″ eye relief, 8.1″ overall length, 3.5″ mount length, 12.2 oz (346 g). BDC 600 – Matte finish, 3-9x40mm, 80 MOA Max Internal with 1/4″ click value, 3.6″ eye relief, 12.4″ o

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Smith Enterprise Ar-15/M16 Extractor

Buy Smith Enterprise Ar-15/M16 Extractor

We found a great deal on the Smith Enterprise Ar-15/M16 Extractor for only $59.99 at Brownells.

High-quality, mil-spec components are hardened and heat treated, then hard-chrome plated. Reduces co-efficient of friction and makes the surface of the part almost impervious to wear. Mfg: Smith Enterprise SPECS: 8620 steel, hardened, hard-chrome plated, silver color. Magnetic particle inspected. Fits all AR-15 and M16 bolt carriers.

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Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. Bipod Adapter

Buy Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. Bipod Adapter

We found a great deal on the Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. Bipod Adapter for only $19.99 at Brownells.

Lightweight, slimline design eliminates the a oeclunkya extra baggage look that goes along with trying to mate a bipod to a AR-15/M16 handguard. The rugged, aluminum platform with fixed attachment stud provides a superior fit to Weaver or Picatinny, accessory rails. Two hex-head crossbolts give uniform clamping pressure, so adapter remains rock solid while shooting. Specifically contoured to accept Harris and similar bipods that attach to a swivel stud. Mfg: Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. SPECS: Aircraft-grade aluminum, hardcoat anodized, matte black finish. 2-5/8”” (6.7cm) long, 1 1/4”” (3.2cm) wide, 5/8”” (1.6cm) high. 2.2 oz. (62g) wt.

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