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Vais Ar-15/M16 Muzzle Brake

Buy Vais Ar-15/M16 Muzzle Brake

The Vais Ar-15/M16 Muzzle Brake can be found at Brownells for $144.95, which is a pretty good price.

An incredible maze of gas dispersing holes limits muzzle rise with no increase in muzzle blast. Multiple venturi expansion chambers disperse and redirect gases for effective recoil control, while limiting blast effects. Unique design features attenuating holes that are both horizontal and perpendicular to the centerline of the bore to disperse gas and sound equally to all sides. Available in steel with Parkerized finish or stainless steel with matte finish. SPECS: Stressproof steel, manganese phosphate Parkerized finish, matte black, or 416 stainless steel, matte finish. 2” (5.8cm) long x ” (19mm) O.D., ”-28 tpi thread. 1.6 oz. (46 g) wt. Fits .223/5.56mm caliber rifles.

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