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Tangodown Ar-15/M16 Quick Detach Battlegrip

Buy Tangodown Ar-15/M16 Quick Detach Battlegrip

Brownells has a pretty good price on the Tangodown Ar-15/M16 Quick Detach Battlegrip, for only .55.

Adds a quick-detach locking system to the standard Battlegrip. Clamps to the forend rail as securely as the original mounting interface, yet releases with the flick of a finger. Patented design will not work loose even under heavy recoil—the more force acting on the lever, the tighter it locks. Depress the release tab to swing the lever open, and the grip easily detaches from the rail. Adjustable with a flathead screwdriver or even a coin for an ultra-secure, no-slip fit on Picatinny and Weaver-style rails, including over- or under-sized commercial rails. Lever may be configured to lock to the front or the rear to suit the operator’s preference. Check out the 360 Image of the Tangodown AR-15/M16 Quick Detach Battlegrip. SPECS: Injection-molded, fiberglass-reinforced polymer resin grip, black, dark earth, or foliage green. Aluminum and steel locking mechanism, matte black Standard – 4 ” (12.1cm) long. Stubby – 3-3⁄8″ (8.6cm) long.

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