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Brownells Car-15/M4 Flip-Up Tactical Sights

Buy Brownells Car-15/M4 Flip-Up Tactical Sights

The Brownells Car-15/M4 Flip-Up Tactical Sights can be found at Brownells for $159.99, which is a pretty good price.

Rugged flip-up sights provide instant backup when primary sight fails or weather conditions limit its use. Robust cross-bolt with oversized, slotted hex nut locks clamping block tightly to Picatinny accessory rail for zero sight movement. Clean, low profile design won’t snag on other gear when folded down. All models regulate with mil-spec A2 carbine sights or same-height aftermarket sights-perfect for co-witnessing with non-magnifying red dot and holographic optical sights. Precision machined from hardcoat anodized 6061 T6 aluminum and heat-treated 4140 steel for repeatable settings and the strength to handle the rigors of combat. A2 windage knob on rear sights provides precise MOA adjustment. Standard Rear – Versatile, .108″ diameter aperture gives an excellent field of view for both short- and long-range targets. Deep grooves on the sides ensure positive grip for quick deployment, while ball detent lock resists accidental folding down during strenuous maneuvers. Tritium Rear Sight Adds to the Standard rear sight, self-illuminating, Trijicon Tritium inserts on each side of the aperture that glow in low light to help you quickly align the aperture with a tritium front sight post in all light conditions. 360 Series Rear – HK-style rotating turret for maximum accuracy out to 300 yards. Knurled turret collar with machine engraved range index marks allow quick aperture changes; two ball detents lock turret in place at each position. Close-range .160″ aperture provides a large field of view for close combat; three .070″ apertures are trajectory calibrated for the mil-spec M4 at 100, 200, and 300 yard ranges. (Best accuracy with 5.56mm (.223) ammunition that duplicates the military M855 62 grain FMJ load.) Front Sight clamps to gas block accessory rail. A2-style .070″ wide adjustable post is correct height for both rear sight models. Thick, protective ears guard sight post from bending or breakage. Check out the video demonstration of the Brownells CAR-15/M4 Tactical Flip-Up Rear Sight. SPECS: 6061 T6 aluminum and 4140 steel, matte black. Standard Rear & Tritium Rear Sight – 1-3⁄8″ (3.5cm) overall length, 1-7⁄8″ (4.8cm) high (extended), 7⁄8″ (2.2cm) high (folded). 360 Series Rear – 1-3⁄8″ overall length, 1-7⁄8″ high (extended), 13⁄16″ (3cm) high (folded). Trajectory calibrated for carbines with 16″ long barrel equipped with A2 front sight or sights of equivalent height. Front – 7⁄8″ (2.2cm) long, 1″ (2.5cm) wide, 1.650″ (4.2cm) high (extended), ” (1.9cm) high (folded).

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