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Sinclair Int’l Ar-15/M16 Bolt Vise

Buy Sinclair Int'l Ar-15/M16 Bolt Vise

The Sinclair Int’l Ar-15/M16 Bolt Vise can be found at Brownells for $26.95, which is a pretty good price.

Convenient, easy-to-use tool holds the bolt assembly securely while you compress the ejector to remove the spring pin without the risk of the ejector and ejector spring flying out and getting lost. Eliminates the “annoyance factor” of a job that seems to require three hands. The pin drops out of the way through a hole in the vise body, allowing you to slowly back off the pressure on compression screw and capture the ejector and spring. Equally helpful during reassembly. Can also be used to hold the bolt while replacing gas rings and extractor. May be clamped in a bench vise for added support. Tough, yet lightweight aluminum and stainless steel construction for years of reliable service. SPECS: Aluminum body, anodized, black. Stainless steel compression screw, natural finish.

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