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Scherer Ak-47/Ar-15 Thread Adapter

Buy Scherer Ak-47/Ar-15 Thread Adapter

Brownells has a pretty good price on the Scherer Ak-47/Ar-15 Thread Adapter, for only .99.

Steel adapter allows you to install muzzle brakes and flash hiders on tactical rifles with an unthreaded barrel. No machining necessary; four setscrews secure adapter to barrel in seconds. C-1 Adapter features 14mm-1.0 lefthand threads for 7.62×39 caliber AK-47 and SKS rifles. C-5 Adapter has -28 threads for installation on Colt sporter and similarly contoured, AR-15 barrels. SPECS: Steel, blued finish. C-1 – 1-3/16″ (3cm) long, .552″ (14mm) I.D., .830″ (21mm) O.D. Fits AK-47 and SKS. C-5 – 1-3/16″ long, .708″ (18mm) I.D., .978″ (25mm) O.D. Fits Colt AR-15.

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