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Samson Manufacturing Corp Ar-15/M16 Field Survivor Tool

Buy Samson Manufacturing Corp Ar-15/M16 Field Survivor Tool

Brownells has a pretty good price on the Samson Manufacturing Corp Ar-15/M16 Field Survivor Tool, for only 9.99.

Versatile multi-tool is like an armorer’s kit that fits in the palm of your hand and stores in the pistol grip of your rifle, so you’ll always have it when you need it. Open it up, and you’ll find an array of tools for performing emergency repairs to get your AR back in action fast in combat, on the range, or in the field. There’s a flat-blade screwdriver, broken shell extractor, carbon scraper, cotter pin hook for removing firing pin from bolt, A2 front sight adjustment tool, magazine feed lip gauge, feed lip adjustment tool, and a refillable stainless steel tube that holds just enough oil for one field lube. Use the wire brush for cleaning the bolt and carrier key, or remove the brush and attach it to the pull cable for bore cleaning using the shell extractor as a T-handle. When folded, the tool slides easily into a standard A2-type pistol grip. Twist the base to activate the compression lock system and anchor the tool securely in the grip-no movement, no rattling. Aggressive, molded “teeth” on the base serve as an emergency strike plate during hand-to-hand combat. Teeth are designed to create painful pressure points on impact, but won’t snag on you or your gear during ordinary activity. Hardened, corrosion-resistant stainless steel components and mechanism are encased in a tough shell of nearly indestructible, reinforced polymer to ensure years of reliable service. SPECS: Stainless steel and molded polymer. Fits in standard A2 pistol grip and similar grips with same-size cavity.

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