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Sabre Defence Industries, Llc. Ar-15/M16 Tactical & Competition Barrels

Buy Sabre Defence Industries, Llc. Ar-15/M16 Tactical & Competition Barrels

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Ready-to-install, match-grade barrels machined from premium-quality steels for building a precise-shooting, customized tactical, varmint, or competition rifle. A leading manufacturer of M2 .50 caliber machine gun and 7.62mm mini-gun barrels for the United States military, Sabre brings the same advanced materials and manufacturing technology to their AR-15/M16 barrels. Machined to exacting tolerances from ordnance-grade chrome-moly-vanadium steel alloy or extra-hard 410 stainless steel. Heat treated to relieve internal stress in the alloy’s grain structure to prevent point-of-impact drift as the barrel heats up during sustained fire. All models have M4-type feed ramp to ensure reliable feeding in carbine and rifle configurations. M5Carbine – M4 contour and 14.5″ length let you build a lightweight, fast-handling carbine-length weapon, with mid-length gas system for greater reliability, a longer sight radius, and a longer handguard for more accessory mounting area. Chambered in 5.56mm NATO, with a 1-7″ twist, for best compatibility with military ammo. Includes a permanently attached A2-style flash hider to meet minimal length requirements for civilian ownership, plus barrel extension, barrel nut, bayonet lug, and front sling swivel under gas block. Machined from long-wearing chrome-moly-vanadium steel alloy and chrome lined for maximum bore life. Available with low-profile gas block/flip-up front sight or in USGI configuration with forged A2 gas block/sight tower, handguard slip ring, and handguard cap. Mid-Weight Stainless – Precision-cut, full-length flutes to give you the rigidity of a bull barrel with minimal added weight. “Shark gill” flash hider/muzzle brake tames felt recoil and virtually eliminates muzzle rise for fast follow-up shots. Available in 18″ length with low-profile aluminum gas block, or 20″ length with ultra-low-profile steel gas block. Includes barrel extension, barrel nut, and gas tube; free-float handguard required. Chambered in 5.56mm NATO, with a 1-8″ twist. Heavy Bench Target Stainless – Fluted, 24″ bull barrel chambered in .223 Remington, with rifle-length gas system and aluminum gas block with a 1-8″ twist. Muzzle has recessed, 11deg target crown to protect the rifling. SPECS: Chrome-moly-vanadium steel alloy (CM), matte black finish, or 410 stainless steel (SS), natural matte gray finish.

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