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Remington Ar-15/M16 5-Round Magazine

Buy Remington Ar-15/M16 5-Round Magazine

We found a great deal on the Remington Ar-15/M16 5-Round Magazine for only $39.95 at Brownells.

Compact, low-profile 5-round magazine offers minimal weight and bulk, making it perfect for hunting, where a long USGI 30-round magazine is cumbersome or not permitted. Lightweight aluminum mag body is finished with Advantage MAX-1™ high-definition camouflage to match Remington R-15 VTR rifle, but will fit any standard mil-spec AR-15. Magpul Gen III self-leveling follower of durable, self-lubricating reinforced polymer helps ensure smooth, reliable feeding free of jams and other magazine-related failures caused by uneven movement of the round stack. Chrome-silicon steel spring is highly resistant to corrosion and won’t lose spring force if magazine is left fully loaded for extended periods of time. SPECS: Aluminum body, Advantage MAX-1 camouflage finish, molded polymer follower, chrome-silicon steel spring. 5-round capacity. For AR-15 rifles chambered in .223/5.56mm and .204 Ruger.

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