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Olongapo Outfitters Ar-15/M16 Grab & Go Magazine Pouch

Buy Olongapo Outfitters Ar-15/M16 Grab & Go Magazine Pouch

The Olongapo Outfitters Ar-15/M16 Grab & Go Magazine Pouch is only .99 at Brownells these days, which seems to be a pretty good price.

Heavy-duty magazine pouch made from top-quality mil-spec materials slings over your shoulder, so you can easily carry up to eight, fully loaded magazines while on the move. Constructed of woven, water-repelling ballistic nylon that resists tearing and fraying. Heavy-duty stitching won’t give way under stress, and all exposed edges are protected with tape binding. Adjustable carry strap of extra-tough nylon webbing lets you position the pouch exactly where you need it for fast reloads. Each compartment has a separate flap, so you won’t expose the other mags to the elements when you retrieve one. Generously proportioned hook-and-loop fasteners keep the flaps securely closed, yet release easily when you need a fast reload. Grommetted drain holes ensure mags don’t get water-logged when you’re on patrol in the rain. Large pocket behind the mags, with full-width hook-and-loop closure, provides storage for maps or other flat items. Models available for 30-round .223/5.56mm AR-15/M16/M4 magazines and UZI-style 9mm stick mags. Pockets on .223/5.56 pouch have plenty of length to accommodate magazines fitted with the Magpul Ranger Floorplate, including Brownells Tactical Magazines. Both models available in Coyote Brown and O.D. Green. SPECS: Heavy duty ballistic nylon, Coyote Brown or O.D. Green. .223 – 12 ” (31.8cm) long 8” (20.3cm) high. Holds eight 30-round magazines. 9mm – 12 ” long 9 ” (24.1cm) high. Holds 6 UZI-style 9mm stick magazines.

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