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Ruger Ar-15 Elite 452 Msr Trigger

Buy Ruger Ar-15 Elite 452 Msr Trigger

We found a great deal on the Ruger Ar-15 Elite 452 Msr Trigger for only $145.75 at Brownells.

The Ruger Elite 452 MSR trigger is the perfect upgrade for any Modern Sporting Rifle*. This new two-stage trigger offers a smooth, crisp, 4.5 lb. trigger pull and a lightweight hammer that enables a 30% faster lock time over standard MSR triggers. The Ruger Elite 452 also features a full-strength hammer spring for consistent primer ignition and includes a safety selector and all necessary pins and springs for easy installation. Packaged with an ergonomic, optimized trigger-reach, polymer pistol grip, the Ruger Elite 452 is shipped fully assembled in a polymer fire control housing which allows the trigger to be dry-fired prior to installation, and the as Mfg: Ruger

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