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Magpul Ar-15 Moe K2 Grip

Buy Magpul Ar-15 Moe K2 Grip

We found a great deal on the Magpul Ar-15 Moe K2 Grip for only $19.9 at Brownells.

The MOE-K2 is a drop in upgrade for AR15/M4 pistol grips with a more vertical grip angle optimized for short LOP weapons, such as PDW (Personal Defense Weapons) configurations. It has an aggressive texture for positive weapon control and is compatible with Magpul Grip Cores for storage customization. This grip will function properly with 7.62 NATO AR10/SR25 style of rifles but, depending on the make of the rifle, may or may not leave a gap between the ‘beaver tail’ and the receiver. This gap is purely aesthetic and will not affect function. Mfg: Magpul

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