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Lucid Ar-15 Furniture Set Fixed Laminate


Buy Lucid Ar-15 Furniture Set Fixed Laminate

We found a great deal on the Lucid Ar-15 Furniture Set Fixed Laminate for only $189.99 at Brownells.

Beautifully finished stock sets in good-looking laminate or fancy AAA-grade American Walnut give your AR that “trophy” rifle look without altering its shooting capabilities. Each set consists of an A2-style buttstock with an integral cheek rest for a comfortable cheekweld, plus an ergonomically contoured pistol grip, and forearm. Snaps on using your rifle’s existing handguard cap and delta ring-no gunsmithing, no permanent alterations to gun. Pistol grip has finger grooves, a palm swell, and a gently curved backstrap to give you a solid, comfortable purchase. Buttstock fits a standard A2-length buffer tube (available separately). Laminate model available in Brown o Mfg: Lucid SPECS: Laminated hardwood or American Walnut. Fits A2 fixed-stock buffer tube, available separately. Carbine handguard replaces M4-type handguard.

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