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Magpul Ar-15/M16 Replacement Components

Buy Magpul Ar-15/M16 Replacement Components

Brownells has a pretty good price on the Magpul Ar-15/M16 Replacement Components, for only .99.

Convenient kits contain replacement anti-tilt follower, floorplate, lock plate, and dust/impact cover to refurbish your 30-round PMAG and bring it back to like-new condition. Manufactured from the same tough, shock-resistant reinforced polymer as the original components, and available in Black, Dark Earth, and Foliage Green. Replacement Dust/Impact Covers also available separately in the same colors. These covers fit all PMAG models; sold in 3-Paks. SPECS: Reinforced molded polymer, Black, Dark Earth, or Foliage Green. Component Kits fit 30-round PMAGs only. Dust Covers fit 20- and 30-round PMAGs. Sold in 3-Paks.

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