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Hogue Ar-15 G10 Keymod Rail Covers


Buy Hogue Ar-15 G10 Keymod Rail Covers

We found a great deal on the Hogue Ar-15 G10 Keymod Rail Covers for only $22.46 at Brownells.

Hogue’s KeyMod Rail Covers have been designed to directly mount on AR handguards using the universal KeyMod system. KeyMod was developed in an effort to standardize universal attachment systems in the firearms market. Hogue’s rail covers easily mount via 2-part hex screws into the handguard’s KeyMod slits. Hogue’s rail covers are precision machined from the highest quality G10 laminate material available, including their own patented G-Mascus design. All covers are finished with a mini-piranha texture for an aggressive non-slip grip. Each cover has rounded edges to eliminate snags and pinch points. The rails measure 4.3″ x .625″ and weigh Mfg: Hogue

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