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Magpul Ar-15/M16 Ranger Floorplate, 3-Pak

Buy Magpul Ar-15/M16 Ranger Floorplate, 3-Pak

We found a great deal on the Magpul Ar-15/M16 Ranger Floorplate, 3-Pak for only $19.99 at Brownells.

Two-piece, slide-on replacement for factory floorplate has a smoothly contoured, easy-to-grasp finger loop that helps you perform lightning-fast magazine changes in high stress situations. Aids in fast, positive extraction from tight mag pouches and helps you hang onto the empty magazine with just a finger after a tactical reload. Also cushions magazine from impact when dropped concrete or other hard surfaces. Made from tough, yet soft, non-slip synthetic rubber over a stainless steel core that snaps into a reinforced polymer insert to keep the Rangerplate firmly locked to the magazine. Includes molded-in para-cord hole for custom loop configurations. Sold in 3-paks and available in Black, Dark Earth and O.D. Green. SPECS: Synthetic rubber, stainless steel, and reinforced polymer. Fits 20- and 30-round USGI-style magazines. Instructions included. Sold in 3-paks.

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