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Faxon Firearms Ar-15 5.56 Gov’T/Socom Barrels

Buy Faxon Firearms Ar-15 5.56 Gov'T/Socom Barrels

We found a great deal on the Faxon Firearms Ar-15 5.56 Gov’T/Socom Barrels for only $149.99 at Brownells.

Faxon’s Gov’t / SOCOM 5.56 AR-15 barrel profile is a mix of the standard M4 profile and a heavy profile – skinny behind the gas block with a thicker O.D. ahead of it for a good balance of rigidity (for accuracy) and manageable weight. Machined from 4150 CMV carbon steel for an excellent balance accuracy and longevity, and QPQ Nitride coated inside and out for amazing corrosion resistance and durability. All Faxon Gov’t / SOCOM 5.56 AR-15 barrels are fully stress-relieved, air-gauge tested, and individually checked for headspace by precision custom hardened gauges. They are put through a battery of tests at each operation until they a final inspected and allowed out Mfg: Faxon Firearms

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