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Fab Defense Ar-15 Ergonomic Pistol Grip

Buy Fab Defense Ar-15 Ergonomic Pistol Grip

We found a great deal on the Fab Defense Ar-15 Ergonomic Pistol Grip for only $26.99 at Brownells.

Drop-in replacement for factory pistol grip has sculpted, ergonomic contours designed to provide an exceptionally comfortable, secure grip that minimizes hand fatigue, enhances trigger control, and improves weapon handling during sustained rapid fire. Also helps reduce hand fatigue during long periods in the ready position. A wide, hand-filling palm swell and gently curved finger grooves provide plenty of support, while molded-in stippling and vertical grooves on the backstrap help you maintain a firm grip with wet hands. Sweeping, integral beavertail allows a high hand position for outstanding recoil control. Positive-locking trapdoor in the bottom opens to reveal a roomy internal storage c Mfg: Fab Defense SPECS: Reinforced molded polymer composite, black. Fits rifles and carbines that accept standard AR-15/M16 pistol grips.

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