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Dpms Ar-15 Free Float Handguard

Buy Dpms Ar-15 Free Float Handguard

We found a great deal on the Dpms Ar-15 Free Float Handguard for only $47.49 at Brownells.

Lightweight, two-piece aluminum handguard eliminates exterior pressure points on AR-15/M16 barrels to help increase accuracy. Exta rigid design is made from extruded aluminum. Separate barrel nut and forend tube thread together; easy to install and torque to proper specifications. Completely replaces the plastic, factoy handguard, barrel nut and front cap for less weight and better heat dissipation. Mfg: Dpms SPECS: Extruded aluminum, black-anodized finish. 2″ (5cm) dia- meter. Standard; 12-3/8″ (31.4cm) long. Carbine; 7 1/4″ (18.4cm) long. Fits AR-15, M16 rifles or CAR-15 carbines. Both models accept barrels up to 1″ (2.5cm) in diameter. Check distance from front of receiver t

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