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Maglula Ltd. Ar-15/M16 Benchloader

Buy Maglula Ltd. Ar-15/M16 Benchloader

The Maglula Ltd. Ar-15/M16 Benchloader can be found at Brownells for $526.99, which is a pretty good price.

Heavy-duty, polymer loader makes it easy for you to load a 10-, 20- or 30-round magazine in less than 30 seconds. Load hundreds of magazines a day without the pain, pinched fingers, or bruises of hand-loading-perfect for military/law enforcement armorers, shooting ranges, and any high-volume AR-15 shooter. Standard model accepts USGI-type AR-15/M16 (NATO STANAG 4179) magazines; Universal also accepts other AR-style magazines, including HK 416, SAR-80, Beretta AR-70/90, plus Magpul PMAG, Thermold, Orlite, and SIG Sauer polymer mags. Foolproof design, with only one moving part, makes it impossible to load magazines incorrectly and requires no maintenance. Feeds rounds into the magazine without contacting the feed lips, so it prolongs magazine life. Rounds are held securely in the tray and won’t fly out when the slider is moved. Numbered indicators show the number of rounds in the tray, so no more guessing how many rounds have been loaded. Convenient carrying handle makes it easy to take to the range; includes heavy duty padded ballistic nylon carrying case. Check out the video demonstration of the Maglula Benchloader. SPECS: Machined polymer, black. Stainless steel magazine retention bar. 21 ” (54.6cm) long x 5 ” (14cm) wide. Both models accept 10-, 20-, and 30-round USGI-type AR-15/M16 magazines. Universal also accepts HK 416, SAR-80, Beretta AR-70/90, Magpul PMAG, Thermold, Orlite, SIG Sauer, and similar AR-style 5.56/.223 magazines.

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