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Cmc Ar-15 Tactical Trigger Group

Buy Cmc Ar-15 Tactical Trigger Group

We found a great deal on the Cmc Ar-15 Tactical Trigger Group for only $179.99 at Brownells.

Self-contained, drop-in trigger module replaces the heavy factory trigger found in many commercial AR-15s and delivers a crisp, pre-set 3 1/2 lb. pull. Designed by competition shooter Chip McCormick to provide all the advantages of a fine, match-grade, single-stage trigger without having to fit and adjust multiple components. Rigid, steel, trigger housing holds all the factory-tuned, internal components in proper alignment for easy, fast installation. Generous, precision-ground sear/hammer engagement surfaces provide a remarkably clean, crisp release while preserving reliable function. Each trigger assembly is tweaked at the factory to minimize take-up and over-travel. Threaded sleeve Mfg: Cmc SPECS: Hammer/Trigger – Steel, blued finish. Housing – Steel, in-the-white. 3 1/2 lb. fixed pull weight. Includes two (2) Chicago-style center pins. Fits AR-15 with .154″ diameter trigger and hammer pins.

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