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Lancer Systems Ar-15/M16 L5 Polymer Magazines

Buy Lancer Systems Ar-15/M16 L5 Polymer Magazines

The Lancer Systems Ar-15/M16 L5 Polymer Magazines is only .95 at Brownells these days, which seems to be a pretty good price.

Full-capacity, 20- and 30-round magazines feature a translucent polymer body with molded-in round-count markers to give the operator instant visual feedback on ammo status. Makes pre- and post-combat ammo checks easy; helps improve training safety and range efficiency. Tough, lightweight molded polymer stands up to rough handling and extreme conditions of tactical operations, including heat and impact of sustained full-auto fire. Tested to withstand temperature extremes of -50 F to +180 F and 5-foot drop, fully loaded, to hard concrete surface without impairment of function. Impervious to cleaning solvents, oils, and many other chemicals. Non-reflective exterior has molded-in ridges that enhance structural strength and provide a solid grasping surface for inserting and removing from weapon. Drops free from mil-spec magwells; can be loaded to full capacity and inserted into weapon with bolt closed. 30-round model fits mag pouches designed for standard USGI-spec magazines; both models fit Brownells MOLLE-compatible mag pouches. Constant-radius curve of the body helps ensure smooth, snag-free follower/spring operation and consistent movement of the round stack for reliable feeding. Feed lips are hardened steel inserts with a corrosion-resistant PTFE coating that also promotes smooth ammo movement. Lips will not deform when the magazine is stored fully loaded over a long period of time, even in an extremely hot environment like a locked vehicle. Hard polymer base plate has a rubberized exterior to provide a positive gripping surface for extracting mag from tight-fitting pouches and secure seating in weapon. Prevents damage when mag is ejected on a hard surface, and removes easily for disassembly and cleaning. Check out the 360 Image of the Polymer Magazine. SPECS: Molded polymer, translucent smoke gray. Fits AR-15/M16/M4 and clones chambered for .223/5.56mm.

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