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Brownells Ar-15 Retro Furniture Sets


Buy Brownells Ar-15 Retro Furniture Sets

We found a great deal on the Brownells Ar-15 Retro Furniture Sets for only $79.99 at Brownells.

Recreate an American Classic with the Brownells M16A1 Furniture Kits, built to accurately replicate the original Stock issued to thousands of American servicemen & women. The included M16A1 style buttstock, handguard and pistol grip are modeled off of original components, designed to bring affordable, original type gear back to market. There is surplus available, but these parts are continuing to dry up and the quality is often quite poor. Excellent condition items are getting quite expensive. With these furniture kits, you can outfit your favorite Retro rifle in the proper stylings of the period. Available in several different colors including: Bla Mfg: Brownells

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