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Kns Precision, Inc. Ar-15/M16 Non-Rotating Pin Set

Buy Kns Precision, Inc. Ar-15/M16 Non-Rotating Pin Set

The Kns Precision, Inc. Ar-15/M16 Non-Rotating Pin Set can be found at Brownells for $32, which is a pretty good price.

Redesigned hammer pin and anti-rotation links provide the strongest possible system to eliminate pin rotation, and will withstand the additional force exerted by 9mm conversions and suppressed .223 upper receivers. Helps prevent wear to receiver holes, which is especially important for increasingly-valuable M16 and pre-ban receivers. Notched hammer pin locks into slots in the anti-rotation links; trigger is secured with locking screws, and includes lube ports so adequate lubrication reaches the trigger. Anti-rotation links fit on the outside of the receiver to prevent all movement. Pins are CNC-machined, centerless ground for uniformity and heat treated for durability. Available in Standard .154″, Oversized .155″, and .170″ for larger receivers. Oversized Pins help improve accuracy and trigger control by tightening up any trigger slack that may exist in worn or new receivers. Standard-sized pins drop-in and require no modification to the receiver; oversized pins require the use of the 3.95mm Reamer. SPECS: 416 stainless steel pins. .900″ (22.8mm) long, .154″ (3.91mm), .155″ (3.93mm), or .170″ (4.31mm) diameter. Set includes (1) hammer pin, (1) trigger pin, (2) screws, (2) anti-rotation links, hex wrenches, and installation tool. Anti-Rotation Links – Steel, Parkerized finish. Retaining Screws – Steel, black oxide finish. 3.95mm Reamer – Steel. .1555″ (3.95mm) diameter cut.

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