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Jo Ar-15/M16 Muzzle Break

Buy Jo Ar-15/M16 Muzzle Break

Brownells has a great price on the Jo Ar-15/M16 Muzzle Break, at only $59.99.

Low-profile muzzle brake has an internal expansion chamber and five longitudinal vents that direct combustion gases upward to counteract muzzle rise. Tames muzzle climb during full- and semi-auto fire to help you keep the sights on the target for fast, accurate follow-up shots. Classic A2 profile replicates the external appearance of the USGI A2 flash hider, so your AR keeps an “as-issued” look and will continue to accept blank-firing adapters, sound suppressors, and other muzzle devices that fit the original A2 hider. Precision machined from A2 chromium-molybdenum alloy tool steel, heat-treated for additional hardness to resist erosion from hot gases, with a durable, black oxide finish. SPECS: A2 tool steel, black oxide finish. 1.925” (4.9cm) long, .905” (2.3cm) O.D. 2.4 oz. (68g) weight. ”-28 tpi RH thread. Fits AR-15/M16-type rifles and carbines chambered in .223/5.56mm.

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