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Brownells Ar-15 Wrench Set


Buy Brownells Ar-15 Wrench Set

We found a great deal on the Brownells Ar-15 Wrench Set for only $89.99 at Brownells.

We’ve bundled two of our most-popular AR wrenches into a handy kit that sets you up to perform critical maintenance, repair, and new-gun building tasks. Our Combination Wrench is an exact duplicate of the original military tool used for removal/installation of the barrel nut, old- and new-style flash suppressors, and the A2-type rifle lower receiver extension. The Buttstock Tool has a spanner wrench to fit the receiver extension castle nut on M4-style collapsible buttstocks, and it includes interchangeable pins to fit both old- and new-style nuts, so you’re ready for either type of nut. For fixed rifle buttstocks, it has a screwdriver blade to remove the buttplate screws and a wre Mfg: Brownells

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