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Blade-Tech Ar-15/M4 Single Mag Pouch

Buy Blade-Tech Ar-15/M4 Single Mag Pouch

We found a great deal on the Blade-Tech Ar-15/M4 Single Mag Pouch for only $29.74 at Brownells.

Tough, injection molded Kydex magazine pouches allow you to carry extra magazines for fast reloads in tactical and competitive situations. Rigid, specially formed pouch bodies are molded to the shape of AR-15 and M-16 magazines to hold them firmly in place without crushing or denting. Adjustable tension screws eliminate the need for awkward flaps and hold magazines securely in place without rattling or falling out. Ambidextrous so you can put magazines in from either way depending on your preference. Holds one spare 20- or 30-round AR-15/M-16 magazine. Proprietary Tek-Lok belt clip system mounts tightly to belts and will not come loose and fall off in the heat of battle or competitio Mfg: Blade-Tech SPECS: Injection molded polymer, matte black finish. Fits belts up to 2.5″ wide.

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