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High Standard Ar-15 A2 Spring Kit

Buy High Standard Ar-15 A2 Spring Kit

We found a great deal on the High Standard Ar-15 A2 Spring Kit for only $19.99 at Brownells.

High Standard AR-15 Parts Kits are available in a variety of mixes, perfect for small repairs or overhauling a hard used rifle. These kits are useful for replacing small, easily lost parts or for replacing key rifle components such as recoil springs and extractors. Make great kits to include in a range bag or armorer’s kit. AR-15 Spring Kit A2 includes Front Sight Detent Spring (1), Extractor Spring w/ Insert (1), Ejector Spring (1), Buffer Spring (rifle or carbine, 1), Bolt Catch Spring (1), Takedown/Pivot Pin Detent Spring (2), Magazine Catch Spring (1), Hammer Spring(1), Disconnector Spring (1), Trigger Spring (1), Safety Spring (1), Buffer Detent Spring (1), Forward Assist Sprin Mfg: High Standard

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