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Gps, Llc. Ar-15/M16 Accessory Rails


Buy Gps, Llc. Ar-15/M16 Accessory Rails

Brownells has a great price on the Gps, Llc. Ar-15/M16 Accessory Rails, at only $31.99.

Bolt-on, Picatinny-type rail increases the versatility and effectiveness of your Grip Pod by adding mounting space for tactical accessories directly below the handguard. Puts controls for lights and lasers in easy reach of your support hand for exceptionally fast activation in any situation. Made of the same tough, reinforced, high-density polymer as the Grip Pod itself, so it stands up to the rigors of tactical operations. No drilling or other permanent alterations required to install; simply remove a pin and plug from the front of the Grip Pod, insert the rail unit and lock it down by tightening the steel hex-head bolt with the included hex-wrench. Available in single, right-hand rail (GPRS1) and double rail (GPRS2) models. SPECS: Reinforced, injection-molded polymer, Black or Desert Tan. GPRS1 – 2 ” (5.4cm) length rail on right side of weapon. GPRS2 – 2 ” of rail space on each side.

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