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Dpms Ar-15 4-Rail Free-Float Handguard


Buy Dpms Ar-15 4-Rail Free-Float Handguard

Brownells has a great price on the Dpms Ar-15 4-Rail Free-Float Handguard, at only $169.

One-piece, free-float tube lets you mount the optics, lasers and foregrips your mission requires, without putting accuracy-robbing stress on the barrel. Four, Picatinny rails, machined as a part of the tube, provide additional strength and support. Vent slots prevent heat buildup. Furnished with a separate barrel nut for accurate indexing. Carbine fits CAR-15. SPECS: 6000 series aluminum, anodized, black, matte finish. 2-3/8″ diameter, fits barrels up to 1″ in diameter. Carbine – 6 ” (17.1cm) long.

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