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Revo LLC. real avid gun boss cleaning kits

Buy Revo LLC. real avid gun boss cleaning kits

We found a great deal on the Revo LLC. real avid gun boss cleaning kits for only $24.99 at Cabelas.

Affordable and compact, Real Avid Gun Boss Cleaning Kits are equally suited to cleaning at home and in the field. They contain machined-aluminum tools, cleaning rods and T-handles brass brushes, mops, slotted tips, threaded connectors and cleaning patches. It all fits in a highly portable and lightweight 6Lx 6-1/2W weatherproof, ballistic-nylon-clad EVA case. For use with 12- and 20-ga. shotguns and AR-15s. Imported.Available: Universal Kit, AR-15 Kit.Universal Kit includes:20- and 12-ga. shotgun mops20- and 12-ga. shotgun brushes.45-cal. brush.357/.38/9mm brush.270 to .280/7mm brush.22 to .223/5.56mm brush.22-cal. short-action brushT-handleThree nonmarring nylon slotted tips for long- and short-action ejection portsLarge and small threaded adaptersCompact, weather-resistant case25 shotgun-cleaning patches25 rifle/handgun-cleaning patches34 flex rod9 flex rod.17-cal. brush/slotted-tip comboAR-15 Kit includes:5.56/.223 brass brush, phosphor bronze bristlesSix threaded anodized-aluminum rod sectionsChamber brushNylon, slotted tipsStraight and angled cleaning picksBore light/pin punch/3-in-1 safety flagBolt-carrier brush5 star chamber cleaning pads25 synthetic cleaning patchesT-handle Type: Cleaning Kits. Universal Kit.

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