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Magpul Carbine Handguard Kit

Buy Magpul Carbine Handguard Kit

We found a great deal on the Magpul Carbine Handguard Kit for only $49.99 at Cabelas.

Outfit your AR-style rifle with Magpuls Carbine Handguard Kit. The MOE Handguard and Vertical Grip easily attach to your rifle. Made in USA.Kit includes:MOE Handguard An excellent drop-in replacement for the standard plastic AR-15 handguard. Slots at 6, 10 and 2 oclock positions for mounting rail sections and accessories. Rugged reinforced polymer construction offers operational durability without the weight and cost of aluminum.MVG-MOE Vertical Grip Ergonomically shaped vertical grip. Durable and lightweight, this grip attaches directly to MOE handguards and forends without the need of a rail. Type: Handguards. Carb Handguard Kit.

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