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Lyman AR-15 Reloading Manual

Buy Lyman AR-15 Reloading Manual

We found a great deal on the Lyman AR-15 Reloading Manual for only $12.99 at Cabelas.

Dedicated to the most popular semiautomatic available on the market today, Lymans AR-15 Reloading Manual provides shooters with reloading data for nearly all AR-based calibers. Informative articles are provided by well-known firearm journalists and cover topics such as reloading for suppressors and cartridge interchangeability. In addition to data for the standard .223, youll receive information about 6.8 Rem., .300 AAC, 7.62×39, 450 Bushmaster and more. Encompasses popular brands of bullets and powders, as well as specialty cast bullets and subsonic ammunition. 99 pages. Softcover. Type: Reloading Manuals. Cal/Gaug Ar-15 Reloading Manu.

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