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Caldwell wheeler delta multi-wrench

Buy Caldwell wheeler delta multi-wrench

We found a great deal on the Caldwell wheeler delta multi-wrench for only $24.99 at Cabelas.

A rugged and reliable tool to meet most of your AR-15 servicing needs. Constructed of innovative layers and laminated stamped steel, its one of the strongest AR-maintenance tools you can buy. This construction method allows the use of hardened-steel barrel-nut pins capable of standing up to heavy amounts of torque. The 1/2 cutout accommodates a torque wrench or ratchet driver. Profiles for a buffer-tube lock nut and flash hider are included. Tool includes a bit driver, bit holder and six bits commonly used to service AR rifles. Available: Delta Wrench, Delta Wrench Combo (includes torque wrench). Type: Tools. Ar Combo Tool.

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