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Otis O12-C Carbon Remover

Buy Otis O12-C Carbon Remover

We found a great deal on the Otis O12-C Carbon Remover for only $14.99 at Brownells.

Otis O12 bore cleaning products are formulated to give superior fouling removal and corrosion protection, yet still be biodegradable, and environmentally safe. O12 cleaners aggressively target carbon, copper, and lead fouling in your firearms without ammonia or other harsh chemicals or their odors. O12-C Carbon Remover helps you maintain accuracy and prevent jams by dissolving stubborn carbon buildup. Suitable for all firearms, O12-C is particularly effective at removing heavy carbon deposits from gas systems, gas pistons, bolt carriers, bores, and other parts of the gun. An ideal cleaner for your AR-15 and other tactical rifles – and a great product for high-volume competition shoote Mfg: Otis SPECS: 2 fl. oz (59ml) bottle. 4 fl. oz (118ml) bottle. 8 fl. oz (237ml) bottle. 16 fl oz (473ml) bottle.

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