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High Standard Bolt/Carrier Assembly

Buy High Standard Bolt/Carrier Assembly

We found a great deal on the High Standard Bolt/Carrier Assembly for only $169.99 at Brownells.

High-quality, mil-spec parts from a respected name in precision firearms for more than 75 years, now a premier maker of complete AR-15 rifles. Replace worn or damaged parts to return a service rifle to factory specs or use in building a precision custom rifle that meets your exact requirements. Complete, prepackaged kit includes all the parts you need for specific subassemblies. Saves time and money-no need to hunt down each item individually. Bolt/Carrier Assembly includes carrier, carrier key, bolt, extractor, extractor spring, extractor pin, ejector, ejector spring, ejector pin, firing pin, firing pin retainer, cam pin, (3) gas rings, and screws. Mfg: High Standard SPECS: Steel, parkerized, dark gray finish; aluminum, hardcoat anodized, matte black finish; or spring steel.

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