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Dpms Ar-15 Buttstock Assembly

Buy Dpms Ar-15 Buttstock Assembly

We found a great deal on the Dpms Ar-15 Buttstock Assembly for only $89.99 at Brownells.

The easiest way to stock and sell genuine, mil-spec AR-15 parts, or use to assemble rifles on your receivers. Much lower in total cost than buying the parts one at a time. All kits listed contain only new, current-production, genuine, mil-spec parts; never pull-offs or direct-exchange surplus. Kit includes buttstock shell, door assembly, buttplate, hinge and pin, rear swivel, lower buttstock screw, upper buttstock screw, aluminum buttstock spacer, extension tube, buffer, and buffer spring. Mfg: Dpms SPECS: Unassembled kits packaged in heat-sealed, poly bags, labeled for resale. Fits AR-15 only.

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