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Dpms Ar-15 Round Handguards

Buy Dpms Ar-15 Round Handguards

We found a great deal on the Dpms Ar-15 Round Handguards for only $24.99 at Brownells.

Strong, comfortable-to-hold replacement for the older, triangular handguards. Raised ribs improve grasp for easier carry and firing. Constructed from mil-spec, thermo-set resin for improved strength and durability. Includes aluminum heat shield. Fits standard or delta slip ring. Mfg: Dpms SPECS: Plastic resin, black. A-2 Long; 12”” (30.5cm) long. Fits AR-15 with 20”” barrel. AR-15 Short; 6 3/4”” (17.1cm) long. Fits CAR-15 with 11.5 or 16”” barrel.

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