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Dpms Ar15 Armorer’s Lower Parts Kit


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We found a great deal on the Dpms Ar15 Armorer’s Lower Parts Kit for only $289.99 at Brownells.

The AR15 Armorer’s Lower Parts Kit contains enough components to complete five (5) lower receivers, minus the grip. This is the easiest way to stock and sell genuine, mil-spec AR-15 parts, or use to assemble rifles on your receivers. Much lower in total cost than buying the parts one at a time. Kit contains only new, current-production, genuine, mil-spec parts; never pull-offs or direct-exchange surplus. Armorer’s Lower Receiver Parts Kit includes five (5) each of the following: Trigger spring, trigger pin, hammer spring, hammer pin, disconnector and spring, bolt catch, bolt catch plunger, bolt catch spring, bolt catch roll pin, selector, selector detent, selector deten Mfg: Dpms

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