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Dpms A2 Front Sight

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We found a great deal on the Dpms A2 Front Sight for only $3.99 at Brownells.

Steel front sight posts offer several profiles for different kinds of shooting and AR-15 variants. A1 tapered post has 5-notch base for the classic M16A1. A2 square front post has the 4-notch base currently in use on military rifles. Extended has the same 4-notch base but stands .03″ taller than the A2, so it’s ideal for rifles with carry-handle rear sights or front sights requiring a taller post. DCM National Match has a 5-notch, A1 base with a round post that’s only .05″ in diameter to aid in precise sight alignment and adjustments for target shooting. Mfg: Dpms SPECS: Steel, matte black finish. A1 – .267″ tall, (6.7mm) .07″ (1.7mm) O.D. A2 – .267″ (6.7mm) tall, .07″ (1.7mm) wide. Extended – .297″ (7.5mm) tall, .07″ (1.7mm) O.D. DCM National Match – .267″ (6.7mm) tall, .05″ (1.2mm) O.D.

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