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Brownells Ar15/M16 Magazines

Buy Brownells Ar15/M16 Magazines

We found a great deal on the Brownells Ar15/M16 Magazines for only $13.99 at Brownells.

A battle rifle is only as reliable as its magazine – make sure the one in your rifle is from Brownells. When the difference between a “bang” and a “click” is life and death, a magazine failure is more than inconvenient – it can be fatal. So when we decided to build our own AR-15/M16 magazines, reliability was our first priority. Some of us have sons and daughters serving overseas or in law enforcement, and we aimed to build the kind of magazine we’d trust their lives with. We started with a clean slate, then worked out the bugs on the drawing board and the test range before we offered a single mag for sale, so you get a magazine of uncompromising Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Aluminum body, hard-anodized, dry-lube coating. Fiberglass-filled plastic follower. Available in Gray with dry-lube-coated chrome silicon (CS) spring or stainless steel (SS) spring. 20-round magazines and 30-round capacities.

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