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Bang Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle Dvd


Buy Bang Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle Dvd

We found a great deal on the Bang Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle Dvd for only $39.99 at Brownells.

A must-have for the serious shooter, hunter, competitor, and law enforcement officer, Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle helps you get the most out of your rifle and build your shooting skills. Learn how to shoot your AR-15 smarter, better, and faster from one of the world’s fastest, most knowledgeable, and “winningest” shooters, Jerry Miculek. Jerry’s achievements include three-time Masters International Long Gun Champion, five world records, winner of 28 multi-gun championships, and 85 national and international handgun titles. He provides over two hours of expert one-on-one instruction that covers everything about shooting the AR-15, from how to set up your rifle like h Mfg: Bang SPECS: 3 DVDs. Widescreen. 2 hours, 17 minutes.”This latest from Brownells showcasing the skills and teaching style of Jerry Miculek is among the very best. When you combine Jerry’s legendary abilities with the stunning camera angles, you have an instant winner. Highly recommended!&rdq

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