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Cmmg Ar-15/M16 Hostile Environment 42-Round Battle Magazine

Buy Cmmg Ar-15/M16 Hostile Environment 42-Round Battle Magazine

Brownells has a great price on the Cmmg Ar-15/M16 Hostile Environment 42-Round Battle Magazine, at only $29.99.

Built to handle the punishment of combat and competition and reliably deliver 42 rounds between reloads—40% more than a standard 30-round USGI mag. Perfect for three-gun competitions where added seconds of an extra mag change could make the difference between winning and finishing in the middle of the pack. Rigid steel mag body is formed through a progressive die, not welded up from modified 30-round mag bodies, to ensure the correct- radius curve for smooth, snag-free follower travel. Non-reflective, matte black “WASP” (Weapon Armored Surface Protection) finish adds surface strength, corrosion protection, and resistance to abrasion similar to chrome plating at a fraction of the cost. Anti-tilt stainless steel follower rides evenly in all four corners of the magazine body to eliminate uneven round stack movement that can lead to nose-dives and failures to feed. High-lubricity, polished finish helps reduce drag in the mag body. Triple-strand, braided wire spring maintains consistent pressure, regardless of the number of rounds in mag. Nano-ceramic coating has been tested in salt spray for 400+ hours without developing corrosion. Removable steel floorplate allows easy disassembly for cleaning. SPECS: Steel, matte black finish. Approximate overall length, 9 ” (23.5cm). 11.2 oz. (317g) weight. Fits rifles that accept standard AR-15/M16 .223/5.56mm magazines. Spring may require a break-in period before loading to full 42-round capacity.

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