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Brownells Ar-15/M16 45-Degree Angle Mount


Buy Brownells Ar-15/M16 45-Degree Angle Mount

We found a great deal on the Brownells Ar-15/M16 45-Degree Angle Mount for only $26.99 at Brownells.

For situations where the standard 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions don’t work, we developed this offset angle mount for positioning weapon lights, lasers, and other tactical accessories exactly where you need them. Won’t interfere with the view through the primary optic or backup iron sights, and allows mounting of a holographic red dot sight next to your scope for quick transitions to engage close-range targets. Simply cant the rifle slightly to the side to use the red dot. Lets you position a tactical flashlight for easy thumb activation of a tailcap switch without interfering with the optic. Fully machined from strong yet lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum billet, then hardco Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Body – 6061 T6 aluminum, hardcoat anodized, matte black. Crossbolt/Nut – 4041 carbon steel, black oxide finish. 1.875″ (4.8cm) long, 1.25″ (3.2cm) wide, .900″ (2.3cm) high. 1.7 oz. (46g) weight.

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