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Sog Armory Ar-15/M16 Muzzle Cap

Buy Sog Armory Ar-15/M16 Muzzle Cap

We found a great deal on the Sog Armory Ar-15/M16 Muzzle Cap for only $3.19 at Brownells.

Rubber cap slides over A2 flash hider to keep dirt, dust, debris, and water from entering the barrel. Protects the muzzle from impact during carry or transport in a vehicle. Four stretchable ribs let you pull the cap away from the muzzle to shoot, while it remains attached to the barrel farther back. In an emergency, the weapon can be fired without removing the cap. The thin material over the muzzle will be blown out, but accuracy at 50 yards won’t be affected. Raised gripping ridges on the exterior give you a secure grasp, even in the rain. Mfg: Sog Armory SPECS: Rubber, black. 4″ (10.2cm) long. Fits AR-15/M16/M4 fitted with A2 or similar-sized flash hider. Also fits FN FAL L85, Steyr AUG, M249 light machine gun, Heckler & Koch G3/G33/G36.

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