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Noveske Rifleworks Llc Ar-15/M16 Switchblock

Buy Noveske Rifleworks Llc Ar-15/M16 Switchblock

We found a great deal on the Noveske Rifleworks Llc Ar-15/M16 Switchblock for only $199.99 at Brownells.

Adjustable gas block reduces gas flow to ensure reliable function during single-shot operation and when using sound suppression devices. Helps reduce felt recoil and minimize carbon buildup inside the receiver for less frequent cleaning without compromising reliability. Three-position selector drum adjusts easily with the included wrench. Suppressed position reduces back pressure to safe levels when using noise-limiting devices. Unsuppressed position allows normal weapon operation. Off position enables single-shot operation, preventing spent cartridge ejection and reducing muzzle concussion. Replaces factory gas block and tube; clamps securely around the barrel with two steel Allen head scre Mfg: Noveske Rifleworks Llc SPECS: 17-4 stainless steel, nitride finish, matte black. Fits AR-15/M16 chambered in 5.56mm with .750″ O.D. barrel at gas port. Requires free-floated barrel and handguard that does not cover the gas block; will not fit under standard plastic or railed handguards. Gas tu

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