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Button Sling, Inc. Ar-15/M4 Throw & Go Sling

Buy Button Sling, Inc. Ar-15/M4 Throw & Go Sling

Brownells has a great price on the Button Sling, Inc. Ar-15/M4 Throw & Go Sling, at only $29.95.

Innovative sling uses a polymer loop and steel button attachment system for quick, one-handed removal and installation. Single-point, rubberized sling takes up the slack and prevents getting tangled in weapon mounted lights and accessories. Throw & Go Sling is built from high-elastic, bungee cord material that allows just the right amount of flex for CQB maneuvers; with a tough, weather-resistant nylon outer covering that prevents noise and limits expansion for optimum stealth and control. Button Pins are built from high carbon steel to withstand the toughest use without cracking and breaking. M4-M16 fits receiver end plate with collapsible stocks and its right-hand only; requires removal of buttstock for installation. M4 clamps around all standard diameter buffer tubes on collapsible stocks. Can be mounted for right- or left-hand shooters. SPECS: Throw & Go Sling – Nylon, elastic, black. Polymer buckle. 1″ (2.5cm) wide, 27 ” (70cm) long. Adjustable for length. Button Pin – Steel, blue, matte finish. M4 – Stainless steel clamp.

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