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Failzero.Com Ar-15 Bolt


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We found a great deal on the Failzero.Com Ar-15 Bolt for only $124.95 at Brownells.

Drop-in bolt has a self-lubricating surface that eliminates the need to apply oil or grease that can attract dirt, dust, unburned powder, and carbon and lead to cycling failures. Proprietary EXO treatment produces an exceptionally hard surface that’s 40% more wear resistant than chrome plating, with an ultra-low friction coefficient. Surface is actually harder than the substrate underneath and will not peel, flake, gall, or rub off. EXO-treated bolt/carrier groups have been tested to function reliably without additional lubrication up to 50,000 rounds. Reduced friction also means less heat generated by metal-on-metal contact, so the gun runs cooler and parts last longer. Easy to clean, Mfg: Failzero.Com SPECS: Heat-hardened carbon steel, EXO-treated surface, silver finish. Fits mil-spec AR-15 upper receiver.

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