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Brownells Ar-15/M16 Bolt Radius Scraper

Buy Brownells Ar-15/M16 Bolt Radius Scraper

Brownells has a pretty good price on the Brownells Ar-15/M16 Bolt Radius Scraper, for only .99.

Easy to use hand-held tool is for serious AR-15 shooters who want to quickly eradicate the carbon buildup on the bolt tail that’s difficult to remove with conventional cleaning methods. Helps ensure efficient gas system function and reliable cycling. This hard-working, stand-alone tool does the whole job – no need for brushes, solvents, or breakdown sprays. Just remove the bolt from your rifle and insert the bolt tail into scraper, then turn the scraper clockwise to remove the carbon. The comfortable, contoured handle provides excellent leverage. A few gentle turns should be all that’s needed for the bolt tail to be clean and ready for action. SPECS: Hardened tool steel, plastic handle. Approximately 5 ” (14cm) long.

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