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Nikon Ar-15/M16 M-223 Scopes

Buy Nikon Ar-15/M16 M-223 Scopes

We found a great deal on the Nikon Ar-15/M16 M-223 Scopes for only $459.95 at Brownells.

Rugged, variable-power scopes are specifically engineered to help shooters get the most from the AR platform, with quick, accurate hits at a wide variety of distances. These scopes are ballistically calibrated at the factory at the factory to match the trajectory of .223/5.56mm, 55-grain polymer-tipped bullets traveling at 3,240 fps. Or, you can recalibrate the scope for different bullet/velocity combinations. High-resolution optics and multi-layer coated lenses give superb clarity and light-gathering capacity, especially at dusk and dawn. All models provide an extra-wide range of windage and elevation click adjustments in 1/4 or 1/2 MOA increments. Point Blank reticle offers a wid Mfg: Nikon

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